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Our first corporate Centre Sponsor

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

Ross Pickering from Samford Garage has been a strong supporter of Samford RDA since our inception, so it was fitting that Ross should become our first corporate centre sponsor!

Ross jumped at the opportunity to be the first business to sponsor Samford RDA on the Samford Showgrounds. His business, Samford Garage, has operated in Samford since 1968 and Ross is a well known local identity. You can find out more about Samford Garage here…

We were very pleased to welcome Ross to the centre recently to check out his signage, which is offered to corporate centre sponsors, and to receive a certificate of thanks from President Jo. Ross’s ongoing support is greatly appreciated.

Samford is an RDAA Centre of Excellence which will continue to develop with the help of corporate and private sponsors. Lighting to the Jenny O’Malley Arena is currently underway, and there are plans to upgrade the surface.

For enquiries about corporate centre sponsorships, call Kalie on 0415 393 046.

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