Our Programs


We conduct our classes in a fenced, covered arena and surrounding areas at the Samford Showgrounds, Showgrounds Drive, Highvale. Our centre currently conducts lessons three days a week:


  • School programs – Disabled riders participate through their school or adult care group, and ride on either Wednesday or Friday mornings.

  • Non-school lessons – Disabled riders enter the program independently and are grouped according to their skill on horseback. These lessons are held on Friday and Saturday mornings.

Horse riding is a therapeutic activity which benefits riders in all facets of their lives.  Each rider has personal goals set for them, including physical, psychological or social goals.  RDA firmly believes that all riders should actively take part in their ride.

There are many benefits to be gained from riding and being involved with horses. The following list names just a few.

You or your child will enjoy:

  • fun

  • social interaction

  • freedom

  • physical therapy

  • improved balance

  • greater strength

  • independence

  • something special and a personal challenge.

For more information about our lessons, contact us on 0458 246 883. Please be aware that we currently have quite a lengthy waiting list for places at our centre.

Samford Riding for the Disabled

Samford Showgrounds

Showgrounds Drive

Highvale, Qld

Email: rdasamford@gmail.com

Phone: 0458 246 883

Samford Riding for the Disabled Inc. is a Registered Charity

ABN: 19 168 257 678

Proud member of Riding for the Disabled Association Queensland (RDAQ)
Recognised as a Riding for the Disabled Association of Australia (RDAA) Centre of Excellence