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City swap for Samford

A group of corporate volunteers from Lendlease recently swapped a day in their city office for a day working outdoors at Samford RDA.

The enthusiastic group or workers carried out a range of grounds improvements. It was a very productive day which included moving mulch, weeding, planting, topdressing a paddock and compacting horse yards. Thank you to all who participated and worked so hard!

A big thanks also to AZA Equestrian who recently provided transport for the RDA horses, however we are happy to report that our new float has arrived. This means we will no longer have to rely on volunteers and supporters to provide horse transport when required. Purchase of the float was part of a State Government grant under the Gambling Community Benefit Fund.

CAPTION: The team from Lendlease with RDA horses, Paddington Bear (left) and Hercules.

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