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RDA search for new horses

Following the restart of our program after the COVID shutdown, we are looking for two additional horses to add to our herd. Suitable horses must be for sale and available for a six-week trial.

While our herd comprises a range of horse types and sizes, the immediate challenge is to purchase two sound horses between 15 and 16 hands in height, and aged between eight and 16. To work with riders with a disability, a suitable RDA horse should be quiet, easy to handle and people-friendly, preferably with a pony club or all-rounder background.

Our horses work eight to 10 hours a week with program participants at the walk, trot or canter. Horse riding helps people with a disability to build their muscle and core body strength, and improve coordination and balance.

We take great pride in the health and welfare of our horses. To stay fit, RDA horses work regularly with RDA and external coaches, and are often ridden out on local trails. All horses are sponsored by businesses, community groups and residents, with their medical needs attended by Samford Valley Veterinary Hospital, and saddle fitting and bodywork services provided by local business, Inline Equine.

If you have a horse for sale that fits these requirements, please call Samford RDA on 0458 246 883. Your horse will be assured of a happy, meaningful life assisting people with disabilities.

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