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Fundraising for vet costs

2021 has hit our herd with some expensive emergency vet care bills. And as we were unable to fundraise during 2020, we would love some help with these expenses.

Our big goofy chestnut Noddy started the year with an eye ulcer AND an abscess on his hind hoof. He has been staying with the amazing team at the Samford Valley Veterinary Hospital getting the very best of care. It is likely that he will need some surgery on his eye as well.

Now our beautiful boy Blue requires a number of teeth to be extracted. A specialist horse dentist will be providing this service.

Our horses get the very best of care, and if you would like to contribute to their ongoing well-being, that would be greatly appreciated.

To donate please go to our GiveNow page. Our target is $10,000

Thank you for your generous support!



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