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"Work Horse" for Samford RDA

Proceeds from a very successful Sportman’s Lunch hosted in June by Arana Leagues Club has allowed us to purchase a much-needed ‘work horse’.

A Polaris all terrain vehicle is now being used to maintain the centre’s new arena surface in peak condition. It is also used to tow a field aerator and generally assist with the management of the centre and agistment paddocks at Samford Showgrounds.

CEO of Arana Leagues Club, Glyn Wallis, recently visited the centre to see the practical benefits of the Club’s fund-raising efforts. The support has meant less physical demands on volunteers and should extend the life of both the arena and the ride-on mower that was previously used to drag the surface.

"We are very proud to support such a wonderful organisation that does such a great job in the community,” Glyn said.

Samford RDA is very grateful to have been a co-beneficiary of the lunch and receive more than $11,000. We also used funds raised from our Trivia Night in May to help meet the cost of the Polaris.

IMAGES: Glyn and Samford RDA President, Rebecca Clemmey, with the new Polaris.

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